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Why Choose Us?

There are rapid changes occurring in long-term care/post-acute settings today. Hospitalizations account for over 33% of total healthcare expenditures, and hospitals will be severely penalized for avoidable re-hospitalizations. There is an increasing regulatory burden and monitoring of clinical outcomes for medical care facilities. Nursing facilities who want post-acute care admissions and referrals will be required to provide hospital-level care on-site for clinically stable residents. Plus, both patients and families have increased expectations.

Paragon Clinical is the right choice for long-term care facilities in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan because we provide seamless Nurse Practitioner services that are customized to meet your needs, including general medicine, palliative care, psychiatry and Nurse Case Manager services. In addition, we offer robust education programs covering a multitude of topics for your RNs, LPNs and NAs, which provide CEUs (see Clinical Education tab under Services).

Improvement of Outcomes

Paragon Clinical, LLC, works with you to:

  • Improve the quality and consistency of resident/patient care
  • Provide post-acute care on-site and decrease hospital readmissions
  • Optimize Medicare reimbursement through reduced RTH rates
  • Maximize reimbursement through the Payment Driven Payment Model
  • Work collaboratively with your physicians to provide seamless medical care
  • Make the facility the provider of choice for your referring hospitals
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Build your facility as the "Home" of choice for patients and their families
  • Decrease litigation exposure

Help with Surveys

We improve care, staff and patient compliance, and documentation to keep your facility survey-ready, and can help you positively impact these areas and more:

  • Abnormal Labs
  • Change of Condition
  • Bladder & Bowel Management
  • Common Infections: Respiratory & Skin
  • Common Infections: Bladder & Bowel
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Dementia Care
  • Falls & Fall Prevention
  • Palliative Care
  • Respiratory Assessment
  • Skin Management
  • Post-op Complications
  • Pain Management
  • Behavior Management
  • Sepsis
  • Dysphagia

Our Mission, Purpose & Core Values

At Paragon, we strive to provide the most excellent care by allowing our Mission, Purpose and Core Values to inform all of our thoughts, words and actions day in and day out.

Mission: We are highly trained and compassionate nurse practitioners and physicians who partner with Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities to transform them into hospital-grade medical services. Our comprehensive programs help to create an environment in which our patients, employees and partners feel valued and cared for. We honor God by putting the dignity of the person at the center of everything we do.

Purpose: We honor God by putting the dignity of the person at the center of everything we do.

Core Values: Compassion-Integrity-Clinical Excellence-Professionalism-Hope

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