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Paragon Clinical is proud to be partnering with Curatess to leverage their Open Telehealth Platform to offer nationwide Advanced Nurse Practitioner services to Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities. Paragon Clinical offers a turnkey telemedicine program with excellent medical care. Our telemedicine program adds significant value to acute and post-acute healthcare organizations with 90%+ of patients being managed in place. Our telemedicine program helps avoid unnecessary hospital readmissions and maximizes patient/family satisfaction.

The Paragon Clinical Team

Paragon Clinical's physicians and nurse practitioners are experienced in providing premier healthcare at skilled nursing and assisted living facilities throughout Illinois and the Midwest. Our skilled and compassionate staff have a proven record that reduces hospital readmission rates and maintains excellent quality medical care. At Paragon, we put the dignity of the person at the center of everything we do.

The Curatess Telehealth Platform

The Curatess Open Telehealth Platform was built from the ground up with healthcare providers to take advantage of mobile and web platforms. Essential Care, our open telehealth application is the next generation of telemedicine. Our platform delivers a HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified cloud-based Telehealth application to improve clinical workflow and enable care coordination between all stakeholders.

Essential Care connects clinicians with patients and delivers information that is pulled from EMR/EHR’s to the Paragon Clinical team. The Curatess Open Telehealth Platform utilizes EHR/EMR integrations, advanced video and audio capabilities, with integrated FDA approved stethoscope and other medical devices to deliver efficient clinical workflows in any care setting. The Paragon turnkey telemedicine program allows our clinical team to operate on any mobile and desktop computer connected to the internet, so we are always connected.

We offer telemedicine to improve clinical outcomes by allowing comprehensive coordination of care between all caregivers. The Paragon Clinical Turnkey Telemedicine program requires little to no upfront capital investment. Since we are using the next-generation Open Telehealth Platform by Curatess, all of our clients have access to the Curatess knowledge center for ongoing training.

Please read the White Paper featuring Lexington Health Network and the success realized from having Paragon Clinical managing after-hours change in condition with telemedicine.

Paragon Clinical Telemedicine Program

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Paragon Clinical’s Turnkey Telemedicine Program allows our compassionate and skilled physicians and nurse practitioners to see patients as needed for a prompt quality medical assessment, customized to each individual with 1:1 personal attention that allows us to truly put the dignity of the person at the center of all we do. Our providers are always in close communication with families and primary physicians to assure there is high quality and seamless care with highly satisfied patients/families. Common scenarios and conditions we assess/treat include: CHF, COPD, Chest Pain, Shortness of breath, Falls, Wounds, Infections, Mental Status Changes, Psychiatric & Behavioral Issues, End of Life Decision Making, Change in Condition, Gastrointestinal and Endocrine Diseases, Coumadin, other Lab Management and more.

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