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GeroPsych Program

Our GeroPsych program focuses on the unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the older adult in the skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. These unique issues include normal age-related changes, multiple co‐morbid conditions, limited physiological reserve related to medications usage, minimal cognitive reserve, frailty, risk for anti‐cholinergic side effects, and high risk for accidents. These physical issues complicate the mental health of the elderly.

The older adult can present with cognitive challenges, mental health concerns, psychiatric disorders, and behavior changes related to dementia. Common psychiatric disorders seen are depression, anxiety disorders, dementia, delirium, substance abuse disorders, pre-existing mental health issues before aging, emotional aspects of aging, and behavioral changes associated with dementia.

We believe in a holistic approach and work with the skilled nursing facility to improve the quality of life for patients experiencing mental health challenges.

Our goal is to encourage non-pharmacological interventions, gradual dose reduction of medication used for mental health reasons and monitoring for side effects when medications are necessary.

Patients can receive geropsych services at the same time they receive treatments from their primary care provider.

Benefits of GeroPsych Services

  • Follow CMS guidelines for use of medications and evaluation for gradual dose reduction.
  • Provide review of antipsychotic, sedative, hypnotic, antidepressant and anxiolytic medications and recommendation for Gradual Dose Reduction of medications that have potentially harmful side effects in the elderly.
  • Prescribe the lowest recommended dose of medication necessary for positive outcomes and utilize medications for the shortest duration possible.
  • Encourage staff to utilize non-pharmacological approaches for distressing behaviors and symptoms.

Services Provided

  • Initial GeroPsych evaluation on appropriate patients
  • GeroPsych follow up evaluation
  • Evaluation of psych medications (antipsychotics, sedatives, hypnotics, antidepressants and anxiolytics) and evaluation for gradual dose reduction (GDR) & follow up
  • Evaluation of behavior
  • Evaluation of mental health problem or diagnosis
  • Staff in-services on behavior management approaches
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